Wednesday, 19 January 2011

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore!

So the gym was actually a raging success, my friend Beth and I are doing this healthy thing together so working out was so fun. We did an actual hour of exercise, I am so proud of us! I genuinely sweat too that has got to be a good sign right? 

So any way I got home and was ravenous! And there is no parents to cook me food so I decided to make vegetarian pasta.. and here's how to do it!

Chop up three button mushrooms, a stick of celery and half a courgette,

put vegetables into a hot pan, with no oil.. remember this is a healthy recipe!

Put as much pasta as you'd like into a pan add water and a shake of salt.. we all know how you make pasta!

once the pasta is fully cooked to you're licking and the vegetables are cooked right for you (I like my vegetables relatively crunchy so I let them cook for about 5 minutes) add in you're chosen sauce to the pasta, I like knorrs chicken tonight because its really tomatoey and has a kick that ordinary tomato sauce doesn't have.

Once the sauce and pasta is bubbling, add in your vegetables and season...

  Stir in well, once this concoction is bubbling you are ready to plate up!

Get a nice big bowl and serve, enjoy with or without cheese.. VIOLA vegetarian pasta a la Alice!


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