Wednesday, 12 January 2011

From an ugly earth work to a confident ladybird..

There is absolutely no doubting that I have had a serious amount of hair styles and cuts (and not doubt in the fact I am totally vein, don't worry i'm working on it) also i've had a bit of trouble finding a style that suits me and i'm completely happy with, but i am actually finally after all of the experimenting happy with the way I look. This post is a post about my ever growing self confidence within myself and today i have had a particularly happy funny day and i've been feeling good about me! I love my short hair and I am having fun experimenting with light pearl washes for my bleach blonde locks to give them edge. Ilove my layed back style and make-up choices..

This completely and utterly pointless post is just for me to take note;


Ok ok now that's off my chest a  little heads up to tomorrows post, i'm thinking nails tomorrow! Either that or an outfit post.. bed for now, sleep well bloggers!

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