Monday, 17 January 2011

Baby i just wanna dance, I don't really care..

My very first nail post! I chose something simple to begin, its a sunset or rise with bird detail. 

Its so easy to do and can be done on any length of nail.

You will need an orange yellow pink and purple nail varnish.

Paint the bottom of your nail orange (horizontally) and the top purple leaving the middle empty.

Wait until the paint is tacky then where the orange ends, paint the pink covering the purple. Make sure the pink is thin enough so you can still see traces of the purple under it. This will be the clouds.

Wait until dry.

Paint a rising sun shape at the bottom of your nail.

Wait until dry.

If you wish you can then add ray lines coming from the sun (if you have the patients its a challenging job!)

Using a nail varnish pen or black nail varnish and a cocktail stick draw on a small black bird anywhere on the nail..

Then you're finished!

I love this nail design because they were so easy to do and these tropical colours add brightness to any boring crappy day!

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