Friday, 14 January 2011

I'm fly oh my its a little bit scary..

This look is called 'Palma Violetta'

The whole point of this look is to widen eyes, I chose a colour pallet to compliment blue eyes.

the dark purple colouring on the bottom lash line is a soft replacement from using harsh black eye liner.


As well as widening the eyes the purple colours in my pallet compliment the shade of blue,
I used a variation of dark purples pearly purples and damson purples to create my look.

This look is so simple to achieve.....

1. Cover your eyelid in an iridescent or pearly colour, in the shade of your choice (i chose purple).
2. Shade in the lash line with a darker tone of your chosen colour, spreading the colour out evenly over your lid going right down into your tear duct.
3. Draw a thin like along your lash line to add definition.
4. Coat your upper and lower lashes with your favourite mascara.
5. Take an angled eye shadow brush and line the bottom of your eyes with the darkest shade of your chosen colour that you can find.

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