Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Afternoon bloggers! Oh how strange today has been! Wednesdays are a day in sixth form that is devoted to musical theatre, with three hours of  the stuff. I love the lessons but I get so wound up and excited i'm like a child, and I think I reached the peak of my weirdest today in the common room, like a bottle of fizzy pop!
Then i had art and i calmed down a fair bit then, o lordy I felt so sleepy and disgusting but I got a lot of art done, yay (i suppose). After art I had an after school rehearsal for a show that's going to be performed in march, and I am play Mamma Morton in Chicago and a murderous wife in Cell Block Tango (the shows a mix up of all the musicals. And glee) so I have to play two very sexy, confident, mean characters. It really is a challenge. I'm awkward and happy and meh... character building to day was sooooo funny i have realised being a sexy murderer is so much easier than being a sexy bitch!

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