Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Here we are again feel the chemicals kicking in.

Today i am exploring the beauty of orange make-up!
Orangey bronzed eyes with orange lips, this look is subtle enough to wear everyday but still holds an interesting twist. 
I call this look 'Farming for Friends'

once i had applied an even base of foundation and translucent powder...

I applied a light bronze colour all over my eyelid then shaded the corners with a slightly darker tone of bronze.

I lined my eyes with liquid eye liner carefully following my lash line from one end of your eye to the other.

Lightly pencil in eye brows to add definition to your eyes.

I used black Kohl pencil to line the bottom of my eyes, only a little is needed as this is a every day look.

Lastly i applied bright orange eye shadow to my lips coating them with clear lip gloss, Vaseline works just as well.

I like this look because it warms my face. I am super pale (borderline vampire) so this look is a nice soft change to wear.

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  1. really like your style!!! i'll def be coming back x