Wednesday, 19 January 2011

So you guys I've decided I am going to get healthy! now I'm not talking on a diet to get super model thin or freakishly toned with a set of arms like pop-eye and abs coming out of me like corn on the cobs, I want to just be a little less wobbly and be able to perform in the show in march and not be out of breath. (It also wouldn't be to bad to look smokin' for my caravan holiday with the girls in July! haha)

Its already day two on my healthy mission and I'm doing well, yesterday I even had salad. I had soup of lunch and I'm on my sixth piece of fruit today... I'm Pretty sure my skin is thanking me after last week, where I managed to eat every type of fast food going! I am breaking out so bad!

ANYWAY, I'm off to the gym tonight to start on the de-wobbling of my body! I cant wait to start seeing some results but I'll keep my blog informed of any weight gains (I hope not!) and losses, and if I come across a low fat recipe for cookies I'll defiantly share my secrets with you guys!

 (excuse the bad quality photo i am in a rush!)

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