Monday, 10 January 2011

rah, rah, like a dungeon dragon

So i decided my first post would be a make-up post

this look is called 'London Calling'

1.apply white eye shadow power all over the eye generously

2.add colour (i chose denim blue) and a black line along the eyelash line with liquid eye liner

3.draw under the eye (but only to the centre of the eye) with liquid eye liner and smudge with a cotton wool bud

4. apply mascara generously to upper and lower lashes

5.for a indie twist add matt red lips and a scruffy fringe.

The products I used:

1. Max bold curves mascara from Rimmel in 'black'
2. Avon eye shadow in 'denim blues'
3. n.y.c sparkle dust in 'diamond'
4. George vitamin boost lipstick in 'desire'
5.Collection 2000 fast stroke liquid eye liner in 'black'
6. satin liquid foundation from maybaliene in ivory.

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