Saturday, 26 February 2011

Take a chance and don't ever look back..

So soon has this time come around but my parents have given me the responsibility of being able to have a tattoo. Obviously the responsibility in this is that I have to make the decision of what to have (not that I have to have one I just want one) but I need to think a lot about what I want because after all it is a permanent mark of art on your body. Now I'm really into nautical anchors and traditional tattoos like hearts and swallow birds. They do admittedly sometimes appear tacky so I need to be very careful when designing my tattoo not to let this happen. I want a thigh piece on my right upper outer thigh, or maybe on my ribs I am yet to decide. Something bright so the colours will pop against my pale skin. I have no time for tattoos like stars on my wrist and butterfly's on my neck or whatever, I personally think they are a waste of ink if you're going to have a tattoo in my opinion you should have something that:

1. Suits your personal style personality and image, not something because its a fashion trend and everyone is getting it done
2. Something you're not going to regret
3. Nothing on the face, face tattoos = total nonsense

(I may seem up myself with my opinions but after all they are only my opinions)

Because Google is the saviour to blocked thoughts, I Googled nautical tattoos and found some that I really like...

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