Thursday, 24 February 2011

And she simply floated, with not a care in the world...

So my new hair.. in a literal sense has been inspired by my sheer boredom. Go brown and be average or keep the whiteness and get experimental. So here we are, a set of my prom extensions, bleached, dip dyed and coated with silver fox shampoo (the purple stuff old ladies apply after perms and to prevent yellowing and such and such).
Their glued in with 'Bond-a-Weave' hair glue aka Liquid Gold, smells disgusting but holds the hair in like super glue, and that's exactly the effect I'm searching for!

 I'll keep you updated with changes and  modifications, I sometimes perceive my hair as art so in conclusion is it not something appropriate to blogg about? I mean surely if I can blogg about sausages, boobs and pasta surely hair is acceptable.

So if I can keep this hair in for lets say a week or two, I think I'll go for a short white pixie crop.. something along the lines of an eighties style with the option of a scruffy look or a clean cut sleek look, a little something like this....

Sorry for boring you with my vein personality, but after all it is my blogg.

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