Tuesday, 1 March 2011

And I feel like we're breaking up but I want you to stay...

I get asked a lot how I get my hair so white, lately this has been my strategy. I dye my hair with 'Live xxl permanent hair dye' in 001..

This will lift your dull blonde hair to the point where it almost sparkles.

I then mix a tiny blob of TOUCH OF SILVER, silver fox hair shampoo (for old ladies to put on their perms and what not) a blob of star gazers violet semi-permanent hair dye and loads of herbal essences shampoo (my personal favourite flavour is dazzling shine tea and orange flower) in a container and mix until the solution is evenly mixed.

The steps I take to achieve my whiteness are as follows..

1. After dyeing I wash my hair, you need your hair to be wet for the solution to work
2. Roughly towel dry hair and comb your parting into place
3. Apply the solution evenly all over and lather
4.Apply more of pure violet dye to areas of you hair that are particularly yellow but do not overload or you'll have purple streaks rather than subtle white/lilac hair
5. Wash off solution condition and blow dry

Due to the fact my phone died i have no end picture from today but here is one from previous times..


To warm up overly bleached hair try this method with pink or red semi-permanent dye. STAY AWAY FROM GREEN, blue is always a funky twist on white hair.

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